My name is Melody Zomonski and both baking and cooking have been a passion of mine since
    I was a young girl.  I also have a love for art and crafts.  I find the whole aspect of combining art
    with food a wonderful way for the artist in me to express a long time passion.  When it comes to
    creating cakes, cookies and candy, it is every little detail that fascinates me.

    After working in the corporate world as a Director of Marketing for a large food service
    corporation and co-owner of a computer company for many years, I decided to move into an
    area that I am truly passionate about.  Taking classes and continuing my training in the art of
    cake decorating, the sugar artist was born.
Extraordinary Cakes, Cookies & Candy for any occasion
    As owner and designer, I welcome your ideas and will work with you to create something spectacular for your special event.  I often take
    cues from an invitation, a favorite item, hobby, occupation or event décor. I can offer you what the average bakery cannot: original designs,
    imaginative artistry and meticulous attention to detail.

    The cakes, cookies and candy that I make are not mass-produced. You are paying for unique handwork and design. Each order is made
    fresh to your specifications.  Cake prices are determined by the complexity of the design and number of servings.  Cookie prices are
    determined by size, type and design.